Keys of every conceivable type and from most manufacturers carried in stock, including keys for doors, desk, file cabinets, safety deposit boxes, and high security keys, to name a few.

When you need a key, we’re the place to visit.  It’s that simple.  Why shop around when you know you can get it here?


Rekey your locks to the same key, and without replacing the locks in most cases.  Call to discuss.

Trained technicians provide expert service and installation for all types of key and locks products.

High Security

Many options available for high security locks and keys. Inventory includes Schlage/Primus, Medeco, American Edge and GMS restricted keyways. Call today for a quote on your options.

Desks/Furniture/Storm Doors

Keys can be made for just about anything you have. This includes desks, furniture, storm doors, patio doors, french doors, file cabinets, sheds, lock boxes, chests and home safes.

Install, purchase, and repair locks and hardware for your home. A wide variety of house locks and hardware for many different brands and color finishes carried in stock. We even install your hardware purchased elsewhere. Call today or visit our showroom to discuss your lock needs.

A full line of residential locks in inventory:

  • Deadlocks and deadbolts
  • Door knobs, handle sets, and levers
  • Desk and furniture locks and hardware
  • File cabinet locks and hardware
  • Storm door and patio locks and hardware
  • Padlocks and hardware
  • Garage door locks and remotes
  • Mechanical locks
  • Doors closers and door stops
  • Hinges and strike plates
  • Decorative hardware
  • Door accessories (peep holes, latches, door knockers, screen door locks)


A huge selection of key blanks and key accessories carried in stock.  Some examples:

  • Key chains
  • Key tags/Key tag racks
  • Key clips
  • Key caps/covers
  • Key hiders
  • Leather key rings
  • Automotive key rings by brand and name
  • Key releases/key-baks
  • Key floats
  • Whistles with strap
  • Wristbands
  • Coin holders
  • Telescoping magnet
  • Telescoping mirror
  • Laser flashlight
  • Tweezers (multiple sizes)
  • Screwdrivers/Pliers
  • Remote batteries
  • AA, AAA, 9v batteries




An unusually wide variety of padlocks from many different manufacturers in inventory.  Multiple padlocks can be keyed alike, or even keyed to match your home or business.