When you shop with us, you’ll find keys of every conceivable type and from most manufacturers. You’ll enjoy our huge inventory that includes keys for doors, patios, foreign and domestic cars and trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, desks, file cabinets, mowers, tractors, boats, toolboxes, luggage, safety deposit boxes, and even cedar chests. You’ll be able to find car transponder keys, Medeco high security keys, and Schlage/Primus restricted keys.
When you need a key, we’re the place to visit. It’s that simple. Why shop around when you know you can get it here?


What is a Transponder?

A Transponder is a device that transmits and receives data using radio frequency. Although it is relatively new to the automotive industry, transponders are widely used in automated toll booths, animal tracking, and access control security systems to name a few. Basically, a transponder key is a key with a built-in electronic identification tag.

How do Transponder keys work?

Embedded in the head of each key is a transponder chip, which contains one of a trillion possible electronic codes. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the transponder sends a signal to a disc-shaped antenna surrounding the cylinder housing behind the shroud on the steering column. The antenna relays the signal to the control module and if the signal is recognized, the vehicle is allowed to start.

The transponder key was first introduced around 1995, and now are standard in most vehicles.

Bring your vehicle to our shop to program extra transponder keys. If all your keys are lost, we can come to you to provide this service.

To discuss your best options and pricing, give us a call with your vehicle year, make and model.


Automotive Specialties

If you need extra keys cut, come visit our shop. If you don’t have any keys, we can make one at our shop or we can come to you to provide this service.
Proxi Fobs are the next generation transponder keys. Call today for pricing and availability.
Most brands in stock, including American, Master, MDK, Kryptonite, Medeco, Corbin, Sesamee, Presto and Abus to name a few.
A large selection of ignition locks are carried in stock for most vehicles that can usually be keyed to match your existing key. We can replace your ignition lock either at our shop or at your location.
A large selection of doors, trunk and glove box locks are carried in stock for your vehicle. These can normally be matched to your existing keys. We can replace or install at our shop or at your location.
Before you replace your lock, let us look at it. It may be possible to repair or rekey it to your needs without the expense of a whole new lock. Your lock can even be to fit one key in most cases. Give us a call today for a quote.
Bring in your remote for your vehicle or garage door and we can check the battery and see if it’s working properly. This is a FREE service. If batteries are repairs are needed, this service is available while you wait.
A large inventory of remotes for your vehicle and garage doors are carried in stock. Visit our shop to check on a replacement or to get an extra remote. We can also reprogram your old remote.


Let Us Repair It For You!

Problems with your remote? Bring it in to our shop and let us check if for you – FOR FREE! If it needs repairing, cleaning or a new battery, we can fix it for you while you wait. You may not need to buy a new one.

Trained technicians are on site to provide expert service and installation for all types of lock products and hardware applications, including many items purchased elsewhere. Qualified staff personnel are available to discuss your locks needs and assist you in purchasing the correct products for your wants and needs. And you can rest assured that our services are compliant with ADA (American Disabilities Act) standards. Let us help you select the correct products for your safety.

Automotive Services

  • Lockout assistance
  • On-site lock rekeying and installation
  • Programming of transponders and remotes
  • Lost key replacement
  • Servicing or replacing ignitions, door locks, trunk locks, glove box locks, tool box locks, etc.


Our Inventory Is Huge

When you visit our showroom you’ll be greeted with hundreds of hard-to find lock and hardware accessories. Items in stock include key rings, covers, cases, chains, floats, racks, lubricants and devices of all types.

If what you are looking for involves a key or a lock, we’ve probably got it!

  • Key chains
  • Key tags
  • Key tag racks
  • Key clips
  • Key caps/covers
  • Key hiders
  • Leather key rings
  • Automotive key tags
  • Key release/Key-baks
  • Key cloats
  • Whistles with strap
  • Wristbands
  • Coin holders
  • Telescoping magnet
  • Telescoping mirror
  • Laser flashlight
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers/Pliers
  • Remote batteries